January 22, 2007

Small Press Traffic's Poets Theater Jamboree 2007 continues
Friday, January 26, 2007 at 7:30 P.M. @ CCA in SF
with Neo-Benshi Night: Sound Off!??

All seats $10; please arrive promptly.

Beyond the flotsam of YouTube, and exceeding the drunken sentiments of karaoke, Neo-Benshi is live narration and subversion of moving pictures.

In this evening’s eight episodes??

Mary Burger reanimates Michel Gondry;
Del Ray Cross cracks Kurt McDowell;
Amanda Davidson pirates Pippi;
Jen Hofer x-rays Robert Aldrich;
Colter Jacobsen duels Stephen Spielberg;
Jen Nellis poisons Alfred Hitchcock;
Wayne Smith parties with John Schlesinger;
and Konrad Steiner hosts “The Gamma People”


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