January 29, 2007

Poets Theater at Small Press Traffic
@ CCA in SF
Friday, FEBRUARY 2, 2007 at 7:30 P.M.

all seats $10; arrive promptly

“Hooligan’s Island,” / Written & directed by Scott MacLeod

“Noggin Flowers,” by Lisa Robertson and Jacob Eichert, directed by Kevin Killian

“Self/Cell” / Text by Olivia E. Sears / Images by Aline Mare / Music by Craig Bicknell

“The Deathperts” / Written & directed by Chana Morgenstern

Selections from “James Joyce, Marcel Duchamp, Erik Satie: An Alphabet” (1982)
Written by John Cage / Directed by Marie Carbone / With Gillian Conoley, Patricia Dienstfrey, Dale Going, Brenda Hillman, Denise Liddell Lawson, Denise Newman, giovanni singleton and Carol Snow

“The Gunfight” / Written & directed by Brent Cunningham

"Feed" / Written & directed by Juliana Spahr


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