Junauray 4, 2007

5 Little-Known Things About Me (as tagged by Rodney)

1. Am an unapologetic Hall & Oates fan.
1.1. I also like early KISS a whole lot [I had Kiss Alive II on 8 track(2 tapes); Detroit Rock City was one of the first affirming things I heard about my home city (nevermind that it's a song about a car crash on the Belle Isle Bridge) ].
2. Was in a band (Chase Park Girls) as drummer (my least apt instrument) with artists Matthew Lusk & Nat Harris while in Athens, GA. We all had worked at the same candle factory. Yes, I was a chandler.
3. Was site manager of multiple UN sponsored mediaeval archaeology digs in Southwest France.
4. Got all nekkid at a Brown Bunny Ensemble performance at the Lab in SF (2001?). I was playing guitar immediately before & after (still nekkid) the disrobing. It was a part (ie. in the score) that Jorge Boehringer had written especially for me. Still don't know exactly why, but don't question such things.
5. I was a high school wrestler (119/126), footballer (DB), & in my senior year abroad (thank you Rotary) inFrance played rugby on the Jr. rugby team (17-19) for Fumel (well known for playing dirty). I was instructed by my coach to foul then pretend I couldn't comprehend the ref. I amounted to a 125 pound goon who could tackle. I played the 14 position, which since I played in France, still don't know the English name for this position.

I tag John, Stephanie, Juliana, Matt, & Geof.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fascinating--thanks David.

Learned my first rule of tagging with this: don't call out people with lives so much more interesting than yours! But then how do you know til you ask?

Private eyes,

Blogger Mr. Horton said...

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Blogger Ferndale Denizen said...

Your beewax- honeypot luminary sits proudly on the bookshelf upstairs. Sentimental packrat.


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