March 18, 2007

I dreamt that me & a group I was with were going into Canada (from the looks of it Manitoba) for an unknown purpose. Everyone but me had a visa in their passport. I began to panic, but then my dad showed up as a border guard and snuck me through. As I ran through a cut through the chain link to Canada I could see my dad get arrested. The newspaper I saw later ran his trial as the lead story. I ran through the streets of a city and made my way to a theater. I sat in the balcony up front. The play was by Carrot Top the comedian, and not very good. The scenes didn't link at all. The first scene was a pretty straight forward melodrama set-up, but the second scene had the actors playing hockey and being hoisted by strings so it looked something like the Harry Potter game. I was getting friendly with the woman next to me who was with her family. Then my unknown about until now girlfriend showed up at the scene pissed at me. She looked almost exactly like the girl I had been chatting up. Then one of the hockey player/actors jumped ito the balcony to tape a couple of 45 singles to the ceiling. On his way back to the stage, he told me to get out in a way that made me sense it was urgent. So I split. I ran and ran and ran as people do in running type dreams. I came upon a house convinced I was ahead of who/whatever was obviously following me. The house was a huge Victorian mansion. As I entered, I recognized immediately that it was a labyrinth house. What I didn't know was that it was a double labyrinth house with two sides being connected by 2 four storey labyrinths. I had just made it into the second labyrinth when I woke up to Weekend Edition on npr. I did poorly on the puzzle section.



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