April 21, 2007

If you're in San Francisco today, go down to Pier 40.

from the press release:

What could the World’s Fair of today look like if artists were involved in envisioning the future? The graduating class of the MA Curatorial Practice Program at the California College of the Arts have considered this scenario as they prepare to launch The San Francisco World’s Fair of 2007.

The San Francisco World’s Fair of 2007 is a weekend event showcasing new commissions, films and artworks that connect local and international conversations about the nature of progress.

With the advent of the Third Street Light Rail, the Fair amplifies heated debates around redevelopment and mobility specific to Dogpatch and Bayview Hunter’s Point, two neighborhoods adjacent to CCA that are, in many ways, the city’s “final frontier.“ Through site-specific projects and interventions, the Fair attempts to question whose voices, how, and what should be represented in a celebration of change and movement.

The San Francisco World’s Fair of 2007 will take place April 21-22, 2007 in multiple locations along the Third Street Corridor including Warm Water Cove Park, Cyclone Arts Center, Agua Vista Park, Sundance Coffee, and The Bayview Opera House. The Fair invites the public to encounter a number of artist projects while journeying via light rail, bicycle, on foot or aboard a bio-diesel bus, in an exploration of the beautiful and contested neighborhoods of Dogpatch and Bayview Hunter’s Point.

A limited edition catalogue with essays and projects will be available at the event.

A map locating the various public projects and a timetable of events will be made available at The San Francisco World’s Fair hub, stationed at Pier 40.


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