October 5, 2007

Walter Lew's Orioles are well out, as are my Tigers but I'm still glad he convinced me to sign up to hear baseball over the internet. I'm an avid listener of the AL playoff games. Angels 3 Red Sox 3.

As a Detroit kid, I'm rooting for the American Leaugue to take the whole thing. But, I'm also secretly hoping it's anyone but the Indians. And overtly hoping it won't be the Yanks or the Sox, as they are "like rooting for Standard Oil." Which leaves me with the Angels, which itself is uncomfortable, being an A's (until they move to Fremont) fan by fact of location. The Sox and Yanks use the rest of the league as farm teams. I can't care about them.
Ron's Phillies enthuasism makes me want to care about the NL, but it would be pretend carpetbagger care. I've never followed the NL. I couldn't even tell you their best three pitchers. My baseball attention was (is still) always aimed at the AL and it's divisions.


Blogger Ron said...

The Phillies couldn't name their best three pitchers either. That is precisely the problem.


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