November 16, 2007

Sister gives birth on Sunday, the day I fly into Phoenix. The whole Horton contingent is amassing around her second child. At least a Thanksgiving baby won't get gypped out of toys like my sister (b. Dec 21st) did.

That said, the stack of ungraded papers--rhetorical analyses of the Communist Manifesto--needs to get considerably lower before I shove off.

I called my East Coast friends early on this morning (like 7 am Cali time) hoping that they might get back to me with appropriately timed distractions. When did all my EC friends get fucking day jobs?
The idea of straight hours worth of grading makes me shiver. Ethically, I can't justify making my own distractions (like this one) as I have distracted myself enough lately: y'know, with other projects whose deadlines are approaching or past.


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