November 8, 2007

Withdrawn from my college's library and added to my expanding shelves (I give away 1/2 of my books routinely on principle):

William Griffith, Greek Gestures (John Day, 1929).

Carl Sandburg, Cornhuskers (Henry Holt, 1918).

Carl Rakosi, Selected Poems (New Directions, 1941). Issued as a staple-bound chapbook.

I will ammend this post later when I have more time (waiting on Dillon to go see Amiri Baraka & Roscoe Mitchell in SF). But will politely vent for now my outrage at a small library giving away anything of what amounts to maybe a shelf and a half of poetry; it seems ill-advised to discard books (even if seldom or completely unused) when the section as a whole is obviously utterly lacking.


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