November 8, 2007

1. For all of the "musicality" discussion on the Buffalo List (for those not on this pedantic time suck be temporarily thankful), seeing Baraka and Mitchell on the same stage together, poet and musician, both elder statesmen of their craft at the top of their chops performancewise, showed how the two media can and often do work in tandem. Baraka skronked as much as, if not more than, Mitchell. There was a musical conversation.
2. Surreal or stupid conversation with Michael McClure and his friend in the john.
3. I have noted early on from watching videos of Baraka readings that his show-up-to-the-readings audience is mainly white & middle class. This show was no different. Crackerland. I still can't rectify this from his Black Arts days or his more recent (though now long-standing) Marxist stance.
He may well be the best attended American Marxist poet.

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