December 24, 2007

1. Let Sha drive a car around Mills yesterday. It was her first time behind the wheel ever. I think she may be hooked on the sense of power operating a ton of machinery gives you. At least, she's seriously comtemplating driving school when she gets back to Minnie.
2. Bought an antique Smith-Corona manual typewriter from a guy in Fremont for $20. It's in excellent shape and even has a good ribbon. It's exactly like one I owned the second time I moved to New York.
3. Adam Bock's Shaker Chair is on at the Shotgun Player's theater near Ashby BART. It's refreshing to see such poignantly political material in the Bernard Shaw tradition. Good acting, minimal set, and Bock's dialogue.
4. Took Sha to the Laney College flea market. She was horrified and fascinated in equal amounts at all the crap up for sale. I walked away with a wash board. Couldn't find a set of thimbles though, so I'll most likely be scrounging in Chinatown--Chinatown has everything-- today to get some.
5. The graffiti at 46th Avenue and Foothill is something.

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