December 5, 2007

from Fiona McGregor:


On Sunday 25th November I staged an interventionist performance at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. 'Dead Art' was a protest about the absence of live performance art in the MCA, one of Australia's foremost contemporary art institutions.

Dressed in curatorial black, tagged like a morgue corpse, I lay on the floor in one of the galleries until I was forcibly removed by the NSW Police. I chose the Contemporary Australian Art show as the exhibition in which to display my dead body.

I came back to life outside the institution, where I was fined $220 by the NSW Police for 'Failure to comply with Police Directions'. I was banned from the MCA for the rest of the day.

'Dead Art' was also a mourning ritual to commemorate the previous evening's deposition of our Great Lord and Master, John Winston Howard.

Enjoy the photos. More details to follow on the website.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"a protest about the absence of live performance art"

really? seriously? shall we next protest the absence of cocaine from my nose?

Blogger Mr. Horton said...

I didn't write this. I was more interested in her getting a ticket for not behaving properly in the museum.


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