January 19, 2008

Poet's Theater at CCA last night:

CA Conrad's "The Obituary Show" was worth the $10 to get in. The creepiest peanut butter sandwich ever. "A bucket of fuck" as a positive.

Buuck's intro simultaneously raising and lowering the bar, as a way of saying welcome to the performance people.

Kevin Killian's Michael Stipe T-shirt strip act.

Erika Staiti (as in mighty Staiti, the program tells us) in plumes.

Clive working the walk-on extra action in the corner.

Buuck advising to "cover the nip" from the wings to a piece that promised nippage. Thank you David Brazil.

Mary Diaz as a lushed out Yoda. Was that really a beertini? I thought those were figments of Mr. Westbrook's imagination.

Hannah Weiner, as directed by Suzanne Stein, shows a use for semifore that the Boy Scouts never covered.

And that sandwich. . . with the hand. . . the creepy creepy very wrong and creepy hand. . .

I hope they slap it up on youtube or ubu soon.



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