February 18, 2008

1. It is very difficult to find thimbles in the Bay Area. I hope the comments box proves the opposite, but I have been to Chinatown, Oakland, Chinatown, SF, Pearl on Market and what seems like every Wallgreen's on the planet. I need 5 thimbles to play my washboard proper. Ideas?

2. Bought at Goodwill, which may explain why some of my analaysis is behind the times, as I await the fully throwned tenured folk to donoate such jewels or move:

The Amiri Baraka Reader, $1.29
Dahrendorf, Class & Class Conflict in Industrial Society $1.29 [anyone up for a class war?]
Best & Keeler, Postmodern Theory $1.29
Goodwill always makes me wonder why I went to college, and why I'm not more engaged in class-war.

3. A young man had an elipelitic fit at the Jack-n-the-Box. Everyone responded just right. He was embarrassed, but everyone else was just right, every the crying girlfriend. It was humanity actually caring. I don't see that much.

4. Working on a piece for the 5th tentatively titled "Even the Paper Tigers Know Dream was for-real--or How I Learned About Affluence Deep in the Hundreds ." You been in the Hundreds? There's real humanity in the alphabets.

5. The play I went to at ACT deserves more thought, dispite the simplicty in thinking of out-going theaterites. [they pain me, they always do: "What if his dad was white?"] This is why I don't take a bat with me to the theater.

6. I didn't get thimbles but I finally got practice paper for Chinese characters. I've been looking for it since I got back in 2005. In Chinatown, SF or Oakland, always go down the unmarked alleys.



Blogger samantha said...

i am guessing beverly's(is that the name?) in the emeryville trader joes parking lot complex has thimbles. or britax in sf. go where the sewing is.

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