February 7, 2008

After something like a 13 hour day of what I will call work as to differentiate it from labor (I do not toil), I came home and looked at some of my projects from 7/8 years ago to find that even though the forms have greatly changed in my work, the central ideas & artistic concerns that I cared about & was concerned with in the late 90s & early 2000s are still very much at the core of what I'm trying to explore & wrap my head around now. I think/hope I'm a little deeper involved in these ideas I was just then beginning to explore.
Looking at a project that I finished in 2001 (Pete Hoffman Days) and what I'm doing now clearly (for me at least) wipes away any sense of radical shift between projects, as I see not only connections between them, but a trajectory.
Stasis or Merzbau or focus or simply unfulfilled aesthetics looking for the right outlet? It's been more than a 13 hours day. I'll hard think on this later.
Seriously, as this needs a hard thinking on my end.


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