March 1, 2008

I was abroad or in Brooklyn during the whole New Brutalism thing. But judging from this readers list, I certainly missed out on some Bay Area mischief. The Secret Swan series confirms the fact. Although to my credit, I wheat pasted #13 in Harlem on heavy traffic lamp-posts.

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Blogger Jack Morgan said...

Some of those guys are still young and brutal. New Yipes is different, but they still have good readings and good posters. K. Silem Mohammad's reading there this month. Should be cool.

Blogger Jeremy James Thompson said...

I'd always felt like I'd somehow missed the boat, being at Mills just a short while after most of those folks. Though I must say, that after some hours of digging through the internet, aside from the series you mention, I found little in regard to what the New Brutalists did/wrote/were. I suppose some things aren't necessarily found on the internet.

Blogger Mr. Horton said...

The New Yipes took over from the New Butalism. Salon Salon was a 21 Grand precursor.

Blogger Jack Morgan said...

not really a takeover, but yeah, that's who's doing the readings there now.
David Larsen did some really cool things with that series. It was one of my favorite things to do for a long time now, and I hope that it stays as good with the new curator.

But I don't think you missed that much by missing the new brutalism. Started as a clique disguised as a movement and ended up a clique again. Some of the people in the clique, some of them not so much. But there are always cliques and that is always the case.

Blogger Mr. Horton said...

Wasn't Cynthia Sailers heavily involved in the Yipes? And later Sara Wintz I seem to remember helped before she left town.

Blogger Jack Morgan said...

yes they were both very involved. they are both lovely people, too. They are nice.


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