March 25, 2008

I'm visiting Matthew Lusk in Brooklyn this week. Sha arrives tonight on the 5:15 from Minneapolis.

1. Preambulated around Greenpoint where I once extendedly crashed on the fold-out couch --which I never folded out--in Mr. Lusk's TV room. That was the summer of 2003.
2. The wood brick cobblestone paving the sidewalk is still there at Noble & West.
3. Watched a couple of at-bats of stickball with guys who were on a lunch break from whatever warehouse they worked in on West.
4. The Weather Records signage is still on the door of 18 Java St.
5. What the hell happened to Franklin St? It got bougie with the hipster coffee houses and bars that plague Wmsburg. My old breakfast place is now a bar with microbrews & internet access.
6. Manhattan Avenue looks the same though.
7. The shop owners still talk to me in Polish first. If I can I'd just rather smile & nod than speak English.
8. Ugly-ass "modern" apartment buildings are fucking up the scenery around McCarren Park.
9. Zywiec beer.
10. Favorite piece of graffiti today so far: "Brooklyn Ain't Brooklyn No More" (on Eckford).
12. My favorite old tag: "Polish Mob 98." I'm going to check if it's still there later.
13. Matt's new cat George is an attention whore. She is demanding I pay her some attention.


Blogger rodney k said...

I think I want to roll with "Polish Mob 98."

Blogger Mr. Horton said...

Unfortunately, it's no longer there.


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