April 1, 2008

John Sakkis in Small Town XII.

My favorite contributor note recently has to be John Sakkis' in the new issue of Small Town:

"John Sakkis is fanatically excited about the upcoming The X-Files movie. John Sakkis still keeps his 15 year old lamented The X-Files fan club membership card in his wallet. John Sakkis has Fox Mulder and Dana Scully action figures displayed on his bookshelf, he posed them so that they are holding hands. Girls think this is more creepy than boyishly charming. John Sakkis met William B. Davis (aka Cigarette Smoking Man aka Cancer Man) in San Jose at an X-Files convention in 1994, John Sakkis got Bill's autograph on a glossy photo. John Sakkis has read all of the X-Files tie in novels as well as the Official Guide to The X-Files vol. 1-9. John Sakkis is an OG X-Philes (from the Greek root "-phil-" meaning love or obsession), he used to keep a scrapbook of newspaper/magazine articles that centered on the show. In his highschool shop class he sandblasted "THE X-FILES" onto a sheet of glass and turned it in for a grade, the grade was a C and he was mad. John Sakkis writes monster poems collects records."



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