April 11, 2008

I work late on Thursdays and am a chronic insomniac. I miss the golden days of my insomnia when UHF channels would show public domain or super cheap B movies (the late, late movie) until the morning news came on. I think a third of my cinematic knowledge was learned after 1 am.

Rabbit ears TV (I refuse to pay for television) now shows nothing but home-shopping rip-offs, poker, infomercials for idiotic products & great real estate opportunities in Mexico, Arizona etc. . . not good enough for day time or prime time but featuring Ponch (Erik Estrada) from CHiPs, so you know they must be a good deal and the agents credible.

I don't mind the garbage. It's late after all: the ads for high-end rehab spas, even the anti-meth ads you don't see during broad daylight. If one, and only one, of the rabbit ears channels would throw on an old full-length film or a run of series of old shorts, like Detroit did in my youth with the Comedy Clasics, I wd not only tune in to watch the 3 Stooges, Chaplin, Keaton, Fatty Arbuckle, Laurel & Hardy etc. . . I wd make most likely stay up late and tune in to watch the late night programming on nights that I don't work.


Blogger Jack Morgan said...

I Loved CHiP's in those golden days of my own insomnia. Also, the art channels and PBS always have random stuff on that keeps my attention for much too long. They used to show good old movies late at night, the rated R kind with beeps in the speech. Do they even bother doing that anymore? Does the *BEEP* even mean anything to anyone these days?

The rehab commercials always had good music and told you to please get help somewhere. Also there were trucker school commercials. And I think I know so much about the original Star Trek series due to late nights.


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