April 17, 2008

Not sure what's been the matter with me lately, but I've been all mood-swingy. I don't enjoy it. I'd rather be stably miserable & all-pissy-pants or happy. I think it's because we didn't have the usual 40 straight days of rain this Spring & now my seasonal disorder grumpiness doesn't have a proper place to display itself. Something about having 4-5 months of solid snow as a kid in Michigan. O, California and your sunshine.

Luckily, Chad & JD knew a trip to the Coliseum was just the antidote for this elsewise lousy week. Blanton last night looked like a double A pitcher in the first inning--all night easy Mariner singles to center be damned.
Just need to get through my 9-midnight shift at the library tonight and I can put the lid on this work-week.


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