April 17, 2008

Apparently, the Ghoul's show was syndicated in the Bay Area briefly in the 70s. He ran in Detroit for almost ever--ever being approximately my childhood & teen years and beyond. Once I visited my folks and he was still on late night. Crappy movies (really, really crappy movies, the worst I've seen), the stupidly abusive pre and post commercial Froggy episodes, the pre-South Park toilet humor. Everything I want to watch now at 2 in the morning. Damnit, I'd even watch Ghoul reruns. You hear me channel 26, 28, 32 or 38?

I only say this because I know I'm about to go into the library and won't be home until about 1 or later. The TV will insinuate I am a meth addict, abusive alcoholic, or in a vulnerable addled enough state to think that Ponch selling me an "isolated" ranch in an Arizona golfing "community" wasn't an oxymoron on the face of things.
That terrible late 1960s British racing movie that had the lead character named Potato Bug (worst movie I ever saw ever, thanks to the Ghoul) actually does sound better. I'd rewatch it.
I don't like to read or write that late. If I read, I tend to gloss, which does the writer and me a disfavor. If I start writting at 2, I'm committed till dawn. I don't like to stop once I get going. I got things to do tomorrow.
PS. I'm also kind of sad that not everyone grew up with Soupy Sales & White Fang reruns. He was so much edgier than Mr. Rodgers.


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