April 24, 2008

Via Dillon:

May 4th:

I give you two excuses for Sunday afternoon drinking and BarBQuing: the anniversary of my birth and baseball. Two teams, school-yard rules, bring gear if you got it (if not, we'll get some mits together). We're gonna BarBQ (or rather you all will BarBQ, and I will skip the middle man) and brown bag it and play (probably less than) 9 innings, or until we all make the DL. And it will be great fun. Bring friends, lovers, agents, personal trainers on temporary release from grand juries, etc.

Curt Flood Field (School St. and Coolidge Ave, just off 580) in Oakland
bring gear if you got it, including hats and sunglasses, chew pouches.
BarBQ and discreet cooler action.
TIME: 2pm

be there (or be out of the state or be ridiculed on field)
For those without cars: The #57 and NL buses stop at Mac Arthur Blvd & Coolidge which is walking distance to the field.


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