April 29, 2008

Paranoia Agent, transcribed by David Buuck (OMG, 2007). 14 pages.

Perfect for my nos. 57 then 13 bus commute home from work. Buuck has apparently transcribed the ending "prophecy"/next episode segment of Satoski Kon's anime series known in English as Paranoia Agent.

Buuck present them as 12 short poems all beginning with "To Begin--" and ending with "And then--" (except for the last which ends "Period", signalling finality:

Prophetic Vision

To begin--
The black shadow finally appears
swallowing up the karma of the people
The cry is coming from the source of
filled with bright red blood
Are they for the eternal goodbye
or the first cries of the newly born shoes of
The last episode of a dream, an illusion,
a bubble in a shadow
Period (12).



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