April 9, 2008

Paul Deppler (of American Book Congress) annotates KSM's contributions to WORK no. 2 here.


Blogger paul said...

Am not sure this is the appropriate place to make this remark, but I was really impressed by how loose and casual these poems at first appeared to me; then, taking a closer look, how tightly they held together thematically. Great stuff.

Blogger Mr. Horton said...


If not here then where?

Kasey is associated with a writing style (to avoid the word school) called "flarf".

Flarf is equally loved & hated among the poetic community. You can easily find this out by non-ironically googling flarf.

Kasey & some others use google to get found material, which then they shape into poetry.

Kasey takes the poetic craft seriously.

If you want to explore Kasey's poetics further you may want to look at some of his discussions of poetic torque ([work bottom to top].

This is the clearest discussion of poetic torque I've ever read.

Again, thanks for being curious & active as a reader.


Blogger paul said...

I guess my comment was a little basic and hope it is taken as diminishing to the poet, as if it were surprising that he was doing something serious. (That was my first reaction, and yet I am obtuse).

I've been reading about Flarf --because of Work and because of discussions on the blogs that you link to-- and it is all new and educational to me.

Thanks for the link to the post about torque, which is a good name for a thing I didn't know there was a name for, and basically fascinating, bottom to top.


Blogger Mr. Horton said...


I put a copy of KSM's book *Deer Head Nation* in the mail for you this morning.




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