April 9, 2008

Giant Robot 31 (2003).
The other morning when I went around Jorge Boehringer's place with Vietnamese coffee hoping to retrieve the red backpack I had left there a few days earlier, Jorge generously lent me Giant Robot #31, a back issue of an English-language Asian pop culture magazine. It's been my favorite mass transit read this week: An advice column written by a Sumo wrestler, a somewhat non-sequitur interview with Satomi from Deerhoof where she calls San Francisco "a small village", and an interview with Cultural Revolutionary photographer Li Zhensheng.
In an interview with the designer who came up with Hello Kitty (Yuko Shimizu) for the Sanrio Corporation, they asked if she thought the company appreciates what she did for them. She replied, "I haven't heard anything from them, so I don't think so. If you write that, Sanrio might say something to me--or maybe not" (72).


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