June 15, 2008

Again insomniacking.

Heard the Counting Crows song "Mr. Jones" on the radio and realized not for the first time how much I really like 3 lines of this song:

everybody wanna pass as cats
we all wanna be big big stars
yeah, but we got different reasons for that

The rest of this song, not so much, and I hate the guitar during the bridge, but these three lines for whatever reason have always stood out.
Hearing this song also made me remember how one of the last rock bands I was in broke up. Athens, GA. Rudy, who played guitar & ran the 40 Watt club, had me on bass (tuned D-A-D-G, so I cd play power chords) & Ben Mize on drums. After something like maybe 2 or 3 rehearsals, Ben got a call from the Counting Crows to be their drummer on tour. They hired him permanent. I saw him years later on a Coca-Cola commercial.


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