June 17, 2008

Tony Perniciaro, Tony the Bricklayer (Delacorte, 1972).

When Geof Huth wrote that my "poem-drawings (or poem-paintings), thus, resemble those of Kenneth Patchen, Tony Perniciaro, and others," and I didn't know Tony Perniciaro's work, I immediately hopped on the internet and purchased this book. I am glad I did.

Tony the Bricklayer has both poem-paintings as well as poemy-poems, but the visual work far outweighs the textual. There is a working class cynicism that runs throughout: one of the poem-paintings text reads: "when a foreman lunches with you,/ the flies are the first to leave--." The wit is dry & mordant.

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Blogger Geof Huth said...

And that's the only book I've found of his, though he appears to have some permanent exhibit in a gallery in NYC, which I'll have to get to sometime.


Blogger Geof Huth said...

And thanks for following up on that.


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