July 14, 2008

Chris Stroffolino, Emeryvilification Manifesto, Local Manifesto Series (Art for a Democratic Society, 2007). 7 pages. Free.

I picked this up at Rock Scissors Paper for free. In it, Stroffolino calls for "something sustainable to stand between the frying pan and the fire, Someting between the EXPENSIVE AND DRAB luxury Condos and the SQUALOR of the Ghetto, JUST AS we demand a return to a 'middle class of artists' who are neither 'Mega-stars' nor mere Hobbyists, who can pay their rent from their art!" (2). Stroffolino also calls for more local music played on the radio & in businesses, better relationships between politicians and artists, between the disparate arts communities, and that Oakland artists actually make a commitment to the city, rather than viewing this as a stage before that big move to NYC & a career.

full text available here.

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Blogger merkoneus said...


thanks so much for sending the WORK...i love recieving and reading them...

also, i meant to write you before i left greece...but thank you so much for the note that came with the demosthenes issue of work...a typewriter note nonetheless...it's on my fridge...

you rule DHH,


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