July 22, 2008

1. Jeffrey Schrader's piece at Canessa over the weekend was quite good. I hope the audio managed to capture the room.
2A. Sha was in town & now Sha's out of town.
2B. I feel somewhat deflated.
3. Batman was almost as good as the reviews, but Hancock was flat out convoluted & underdeveloped. You get free popcorn at Grand Lake Theater M-Th.
4. I got a new laptop--which was needed. My old one is giving up the ghost.
5. Over the weekend, I prioritized my various projects. I'd spread myself pell-mell. The two writing projects I've decided to finish up by year's end are dousies, you just wait.
6. The A's are kicking ass tonight (8-1 bottom of the 9th). If Houston Street gets a couple more saves, he'll be traded by next week for sure. Who needs a bullpen for a penant race?
7. I need to divest myself of most of the crap I've managed to amass since I moved into this studio apt a year ago. When I came back to Oakland 3 years ago, everything I owned fit into two 50 lbs. suitcases; that included my manual typewriter.
8. I was happy to run into Rebecca van de Voort around Lake Merritt earlier.


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