August 23, 2008

Things that have made me happy today:

The overabundance of Jack Morgan's generosity: in the mail today, he sent Kasey's Breathalyzer & Deer Head Nation, Abe Lincoln #1, his own manuscript, 2 ink on paper works & 2 pretty awesome posters he designed for poetry readings. [thanks Jack]
The obese African-American man who passed me as I was walking home from the gym via Lake Merritt (he was chugging along at a good clip); he was loudly singing Madonna's "Borderline" to himself & anyone within earshot. It fit my mood perfectly, and obviously his, as he looked genuinely happy to be running and sweating profusely at that moment. If I ever write a movie and have Lake Merritt as a location, this scene is going in it. (c) 2008 David Harrison Horton
Picking up a free copy of C. Sullivan's zine Heat Lightnin' at 21 Grand. And also talking to Darren Jenkins, who is always great to talk to.
Picking up Isaiah Berlin's Karl Marx, Polybius's The Rise of the Roman Empire (mostly for the section on Hannibal) & John Gay's The Beggar's Opera at the Goodwill downtown. I also picked up a dark blue 4 pocket Mexican shirt for $4. I just might wear it to my first day of classes.
Skype-ing my dad for an hour this morning. Videophonics are so much better than telephonics. And they are free.
The fact that Kristina Lewis recognizes in her artist statement that she removed any "use-value" from the materials she made her pieces out of.
Watching Olympic soccer on Telemundo, because the Bay Area Spanish speaking audience apparently cares about soccer; whereas, NBC 's audience apparently doesn't. It's partly funny because NBC owns Telemundo. I really wish I understood Spanish. I get about 25-30% of what the broadcasters are saying.
Knowing it's only 5:30 and there's a whole lot of this day to go yet.


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Mentioning my generosity ruins my bad ass mystique


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