August 25, 2008

Lara Durback, Geof Huth, and Truong Tran
Friday, August 29, 2008

WHAT: How do you picture the world? How does what you write translate visually to the page? And what the heck is vis-po anyway? Poets Lara Durback, Geof Huth, and Truong Tran draw us a picture and get “visual” in this second installation of the new Canessa Gallery reading series.

Lara Durback loves Oakland, Philly, and San Francisco so much. She: an artist/poet working with text, letterpress printing, sound (analog synthesizers and field recording), as well as the book form, and any other medium that can be combined and smashed together. Currently contemplating humans awash in electromagnetic fields: both those from the earth and those emitted by power lines and electronic devices, and how difficult it is to match a field to a source. Radiant Coordinates People, a chapbook from The Press Gang, is forthcoming in 2008.
Geof Huth has lived in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and North and South America, all the while using language for his purposes. His interest in language turned him into a poet, a visual poet, and a thinker on words. He works words in many media: pixel, type, crayon, paint, pen, pencil, video, and object. He writes almost daily on visual poetry and related matters at his blog dbqp: visualizing poetics.Geof
Truong Tran is a poet and visual artist. His publications include, The Book of Perceptions (Kearny Street Workshop 1999, finalist in The Kiriyama Book Prize), Placing The Accents (Apogee Press 1999, finalist in the Western States Book Prize for Poetry), dust and conscience (Apogee Press 2000, awarded the San Francisco Poetry Center Book Prize), within the margin (Apogee Press 2004), and Four Letter Words (Apogee Press 2008). He lives in San Francisco where he teaches poetry at San Francisco State University and Mills College.

WHEN: Friday, August 29, 8pm
WHERE: Canessa Gallery708 Montgomery Street, SF
TICKETS: Open to the public ($3 suggested donation at the door). For more information, the public may visit


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