August 26, 2008

Theodore Roosevelt (Bull Moose 1912, 27.4%), Robert M. LaFollette (Progressive 1924, 16.6%), George Wallace (American Independent 1968, 13.5%), John Anderson (independent 1980, 6.6%), Ross Perot (independent 1992, 18.9%) & again Ross Perot (Reform 1996, 8%).
I'm ready for "third" (the term itself is patronizing) parties to step up and be recognized/counted. I'm overexposed to the Democratic and Republican speechifyings and platforms in the corporate (nearly all) media. I'd like to get a good sense of what else is on the table/ballot.
And no, a short piece on NPR's All Things Considered or the like during the entirety of the campaign process on a smaller party doesn't count as "fair, unbiased coverage".


Blogger Ferndale Denizen said...

I almost choked when I heard the DNC was at the "Pepsi Centre". This portion of democracy brought to you by the makers of (Your corporate name here)... One of the fun things about France (ah, the dreaded enemy) is that there are loads of parties and their splinter groups getting attention. Do parliaments necessarily nourish a muliple party system, as opposed to Congress and the 2/3 majority rule?


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