August 7, 2008

from Ben Piekut:


I'm writing to let you know about a video project that I've just completed, titled "Henry Flynt in New York." I make no claims about my ability as a video-maker (some clips have audio problems), but this piece does represent a few years of work on the part of Henry Flynt and myself, and we're happy that it's finally finished. Equal parts oral history and polemic, the video might be of interest to anyone working on the 1960s and 1970s, music and politics, the avant-garde, or the sectarian Left. In each of the short scenes, Flynt stands in front of an important building or location and recalls one or more visits to the site and why it has been important in his own life.

"Henry Flynt in New York" totals nearly three hours of video, but individual scenes are rarely more than ten minutes long. Although we have used a playlist on Youtube to order the clips in a rough chronology, viewers are free to click around however they may please. The project can be viewed here:

I've also created a mirror site at, where higher-resolution versions of the clips can be found.

This email is the only publicity that we're doing for the video, so please forward it to anyone you think might be interested, or even link to the clips on your own site if you have one.

Many thanks,

Ben Piekut


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