September 11, 2008

This week started out mighty shitily. But in the last two days, I'm having an extremely good string of luck in randomly running into wonderful people.

I ran into Mark Bartscher (Miba) yesterday morning around the lake as I was going home from the gym and he was running round the lake before a job interview to calm himself & whatnot; last night, I ran into John Ingle at the Mills concert (while I'm not totally surprised, he always makes me happy when I see him, he's one of the few always positive people I know); and tonight coming home from work, I ran into Heather Jovanelli who informed me that someone defaced Sarah Palin's Time magazine cover (pirate patch, prison teardrop under the good eye, etc . . . ) on Brooklyn, which isn't too far of a diversion from my walk home. I checked it out. It was a gradeschool defacement, which made me happy. Whoever did it put it up on a telephone pole in a decently traveled area, which also made me happy.

2 days, running into 3 awesome folk unexpectedly. This week has shifted its character.



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