September 25, 2008

Was hanging out with Chad & got to discussing the abums we first ever bought with our own scatch as kids.

Mine was Kiss, Double Platinum. At this point, I already had both 8 tracks that were Kiss Alive II. Given to me by my babysitter when I was 8, and still in my top 10 albums. It's an awesome rock album. I think my sitter was into disco or somesuch, and just cdn't see past the makeup.

I bought the Kiss Double Platinum album for $3.98 at the local KMart back in the day. I vaguely remember my mom asking if I was sure. Albums then were usually a buck & change.

Later on, High School, when I was learning to play guitar and playing music with my more metalhead friends, I found myself reverting to what would Ace Frehley do? I didn't phrase it like that, but I tried to stay in key & rock out. On purpose dissonance wd come later.


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