October 16, 2008


Deep Oakland ( is an ongoing collaborative website that presents archival and current materials about Oakland.

We are currently seeking proposals for intermedia projects to be presented online in 2009-10.

We will be offering small start up grants (no more than $250 each) for proposals that need funding for materials.

We will consider both new creative works and archival projects. We are especially interested in work that examines the social, cultural, economic, historical and political conditions into and out of which Oakland residents live, relate and make (make art, text, family, video, buildings, clothing, etc.) We are also interested in collaborative and multi-disciplinary projects.

Some examples of proposed projects and/or projects currently underway:

- Studio visits / interviews with local artists.
- Scene reports from performance sites (music, theater, reenactments, readings, etc.)
- A piece that focuses on sound recordings from farmer’s markets in several different Oakland neighborhoods.
- A photography series of Oakland taco trucks documenting the customers at these locations at particular times, such as noon and midnight.
- A photography series of houses and institutions meaningful in the history of the Hell’s Angels, and a photography series of houses and institutions meaningful in the history of the Black Panthers.
- Video works: an hour-long visual & sonic exploration of east bay tides/shoreline.
- Mass observation of a location or event in Oakland and Miami, FL, and/or another city.
- Short interviews with longtime Oakland residents and then presentations of an older photo from their personal album, along with a current photo of the same location.
- A collection of photographs, zines and other materials from private archives of materials around the Weather Underground.
- Walking tours.

We encourage those interested to take a look at the website. Proposals should include a short description of the project, budget and material needs if any, and some sort of work sample.

Please email proposals to Consideration of proposals will begin on November 1 and continue until we run out of funds.



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