October 17, 2008

I went to the post office to begin my Robert Reich project and decided to buy two sheets worth of the Betty Davis stamps. Walking through downtown Oakland, I decided to start giving people stamps with the instructions to write to their family or their friends. I did it on a whim, but this had a very strong, humanizing effect. When I said to the cracked out person at the busstop on Lakeshore & East 18th, "Write your family; they really want to hear from you." She thanked me and started crying. From the positive reaction something as simple as this has had, I am thinking of doing it on a regular basis. David Harrison Horton, patron saint of stamps.


Blogger angela said...

This is really cool, David. I love stamps, mail, mail art, whims like this, and people. Made my afternoon! Best, Angela G.

Blogger me said...

hey david, this is a great idea! i'm so happy to know this took place one sunny afternoon in downtown Oakland, and even happier to think of you doing this. so lovely.
i wonder if you might be interested in a poetry postcard/mail art project i'm setting up? i'll email you.


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