November 14, 2008

1. Field recorded the 9th Street Farmers' Market. It's technically in "Old Oakland" but is very much the Chinatown Farmers' Market.
2. Went to Goodwill and bought Dylan Thomas' Deaths and Entrances. I see what he's up to & am glad we don't write like that anymore. The shape poems suffer, and the poems before that are stiff, uncomfortable in their shirts.
3. Busride to work on which I learned a fair amount about White supremicist groups, thanks to a pamphlet that the Simon Wiesenthal Center put out: The New Lexicon of Hate. Also bought at Goodwill.
4. WORK itself.
5. Worked on getting Chad Lietz's Canoizonata up on the Deep Oakland. 3 of 5 files are there. Come back soon for the rest.
6. Went to the printer's with the inside text of WORK no. 11. It promises to be stellar.
7. While waiting for the printer to xerox my order, I went back to the Goodwill. I found & bought Ron Padgett & David Shapiro, An Anthology of New York Poets (Vintage, 1970) for $1.29. Maybe the current generation does need more anthologies. Cough. Also bought two short-sleeved shirts. I like one more than the other.
8. Went to De Lauer's. Post-going broke they have minimalized. Except for the new rack of Spartacist revolutionary material. In addition to Cabinet, I bought nearly everything in the new revolutionary lit category to see what they are about.
9. Coversation at JD & Chad's.
10. Chad & I at the Parkway Lounge for their schizophrenic jukebox. Gameplanning next Sunday's Canessa Reading. It'll sure be something.


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