December 08, 2008

After trading away half the bullpen mid-season, apparently the A's are thinking about Randy Johnson for next season. But more likely is that Jason Giambi will be back. The Yanks didn't resign him, Frank Thomas is 100 and only played 1/2 of last season, and, according to channel 11 news tonight, Giambi has been telling friends he's headed for Oakland. Let's hope they don't put him on 1st base; I don't think this was the veteran infield Dillon Westbrook was hoping for in an earlier comment (see comments Oct. 20, 2008).


Anonymous Dillon Westbrook said...

I think the pull quote for that photo is:

"hi, mom"

oh man is this gonna be a fun season if this shit happens. bleachers reserved for jeering Giambi.


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