December 24, 2008

So in my slow preparation for moving back to China (oh yeah, I'm going back to China), I've been putting all my CDs onto my laptop to minimize my baggage. Last night, I came across a disc that had most of the songs that one of my bands from when I was in Athens, GA recorded: so I decided to put Chase Park Girls up on myspace.

I think Plenty of Boats is perhaps our best song musically (I really like what Matt Lusk did on guitar). I also like our version of Cocaine Bill & Morphine Sue a whole lot. Peanut Butter & Jelly was our biggest "hit" on local college radio, WUOG.

By way of mythology making and telling the truth, Matt & I knew each other from the college radio station (WUOG) in fact we later did an awesome early Sunday morning show together called Polka Dots & Moon Beams where we played a fair few 78s, but we also worked at one time or another with Nat (although not at the same time) at the same candle factory where Natty got me a job as a chandler.

Yes, the Chase Park Girls all made candles, although not at the same time, but in the same shop.


Blogger FOARP said...

Yet more proof that as much as you might try to get away from the place, you still find yourself getting dragged back. I myself have been back in the UK since sept. 2007, but in all probability I'll be going back in the new year - but probably not back to Nanjing.

Have a nice Christmas and a happy new year, otherwise, 一路平安!


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