December 30, 2008

Spent a good portion of the day running around downtown:

1. Avoided buying any more books or political pamphlets at DeLauer's and Goodwill, although I really wanted to.
2. Found out that Bank of America has no Beijing branches, making them useless to me after the move.
3. Got a haircut in Chinatown.
4. Checked on some of the better graffiti yards downtown. One is getting contructed over.
5. Ate lunch at Ying Kee. Their $4.60 lunch special is hard to pass by. OK food (it's better and cheaper than a burger combo at Burger King a few blocks away), better than avaerage egg drop soup (has tofu & pork in it), and tea.
6. The staff referred to me as "laowei" (foreigner) when talking amongst themselves. This got me thinking about language and nationalism.
7. Bought some cheap, fresh groceries at a 9th street market. Some of the greens I bought look more like a form of grass, but I thought I would try them with mushrooms to see how they taste.
8. Found out that the Oakland Museum is closed on Tuesdays. Looked at some of the sculptures outside the museum. More on that in a later post.
9. Read this article about the failure of some of Oakland's art establishments.
10. Came home and did a little unfinished work.
11. Began to read Two Gentleman of Verona. I am fascinated by the phrase "a month's mind" (I.ii). I might have to use that for a title of something soon.
12. Started this post because I really don't want to do the cleaning and weeding through all my stuff that I need to do.


Blogger FOARP said...

Reminds me of something George Mikes said about how, on arriving in Britain, he discovered that he and his whole family were foreigners and had always been so even before he arrived. You remain a Laowai even when you are not in China - don't forget it!


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