January 30, 2009

1. Thanks to Lara Durback, Rebecca van de Voort & Heather Jovanelli for my farewell "happy hour" the other night. Sorry, if some of y'all were a little buckethead at work the next day. It was a really sweet thing to do, and I was very genuinely happy to see everyone who turned up.
2. I'm at the point where I've given away, sold, donated or tossed out 95% of everything I have accumulated over the past 3.5 years here in Oakland. Of the remaining 5% on my floor right now, I will most likely have to whittle that down by half.
3. I bought $25 in task specific cleaners this morning in an attempt to get my deposit back. Anything that cleans your grotty shower without you needing to do anything but point and spray is toxic & cancerous. The smell reminded me of my days at the paint plant in Michigan, mixing chemicals so folks' cars could be super shiny; but then I had to wear a full on hazmat bunny suit and respirator.
4. Dillon says he's going to mock me if I don't show up at SPT tonight. I hope that's not the case, since if I don't show up it means I'm scrubbing grease and crap off of the stove, the wall by the stove etc. . . My walk through is at 9 am tomorrow.
5. Alright, enough of my lolligagging. Back to scrubbing, scrapping & scraping.


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