January 31, 2009

Bill Luoma, "The Concept of Ass," Poets Theater Fest 09: Intermedia, CCA: San Francisco, 2009.

Bill's name is in the program but David Buuck delivered the physics-laden auditory to what amounts to a series of baseball bloopers. Kinda dumb. But kinda brilliant. As Buuck said during intermission, shows like This Week in Baseball are a non-academic canon. And baseball, from its roots being working class, is much more democratic than the usual practice of poetry.

Was that Mark Fidrych in the nature section? Yep. Luoma, Buuck & I know who "the Bird" is, and we didn't get that knowledge in college.

Did I mention that Dillon Westbrook was wearing a Ricky Henderson jersey?

Did Dr. Feelings really say "commie" & "striker"? really? really really? why?


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