March 14, 2009

1. There is someone in my apartment compound that has a small dog (I'm guessing Pekinese since I'm in Peking [Beijing]) that barks the entire time that the owner is away. Judging from the dog's barking patterns, the owner works the graveyard shift. I somewhat sympathize because I remember Jorge telling that he once had a dog that went batshit crazy when he left his apartment. But there is no California farm for a crazy Pekinese to retire to, so I need to learn to block the dog out sonically, like I do the train that runs not too far from here.
2. Am no longer thieving my internet connection. This wasn't exactly voluntary. I think the guy whose internet I've been using moved out.
3. Working on something called Great Coat. Collected, it will maybe make more sense. That is, this is what I'm working on. This is what I'm doing.
4. Chekhov's collection of short stories Ward No. 5 turned out to not be so great for the subway ride into work. Have traded Chekhov for Haruki Murakami's The Vanashing Elephant. This might be a lateral move on the subway scale.
5. On the fantasy baseball front--hoping Mauer gets healthy, but this is why I drafted a second catcher (Molina, who bats above 300) just in case. I was thinking of drafting Kurt Suzuki as the second catcher. Suzuki's going to be awesome this year.
6. Dreamsong #355 breaks my heart.


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