March 5, 2009

I lost my internet connection for about 20 minutes during the draft. There are a few players the computer chose for me that I most likely would have passed on, but here's my fantasy baseball draft results:

C- Joe Mauer (Min, .328)
1st- Jason Giambi (Oak, .247)
2nd- Kazuo Matsui (Houston, .293)
SS- Mike Aviles (KC, .325)
3rd- Chipper Jones (Atl, .364)
OF- Maglio Ordonez (Det, .317)
OF- Hideki Matsui (Yanks, .294)
OF- Milton Bradley (Cubs, .321)
DH/Utility- Shin-Soo Choo (Clev, .309)

P- Tim Linceum (SF, 18-0)
P- Roy Hallady (Tor, 20-0)
P- Randy Johnson (SF, 11-0)
P- Scott Baker (Min, 11-0)
P- Aaron Harang (Cinci, 6-0)
RP- Kerry Wood (Cleveland, 34 saves)
RP- Mike Gonzalez (Atl, 14 saves)

Bench- Nick Swisher (Yanks, .219); Yadier Molina (St. L, .304); David DeJesus (KC, .307); Jack Cust (Oak, .231); Edgar Renteria (SF, .270)


Blogger Dillon Westbrook said...

I cannot believe you chose Bradley- is your fantasy sports doctor not billing enough hours.

Blogger Mr. Horton said...

He is definitely one of the ones the computer chose for me. I didn't even like him when he played for Oakland.

Blogger Cori and Dillon said...

Well, you and/or your computer and I agree on two things: Randy Johnson and Chipper Jones- the former threatening to make the Giants even worth watching this season (threatening like its threatening to rain enough to take us out of three-year drought- as in not that much_.

Blogger Mr. Horton said...

I'll be happy with Randy, much like Milton, if he can get me to the All-Star break. Randy's 94 years old, but he still throws some heat. I think Maglio Ordonez is underrated--even though his batting average dropped 40 points last year, he still hit .317.


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