March 6, 2009

1. Bathroom books right now are Berryman's Dream Songs and Kasey's Breathalyzer. I am convinced they go together somehow, but am slowly formulating my argument. In the mean time, I am confused by the number "A623" that appears above the title of K. Silem's book. How did they arrive at that number? How is it advantageous to Edge's book-keeping? (I'm not being sarcastic).

2. I haven't drunk a single cup of tea yet. Seems like I should just for good form.

3. I wish more folks would come forward with their failed visual poems to Geof Huth.

4. When told that I needed to wear ties to work, my dad went through his tie collection and sent a shit-ton of his ties to me. My dad clothes-horsed for a good part of his career. He just gave me some of the ties to carry on the tradition. There were some NICE ties in that box.

5. When you send letters, you get letters. Those of you on my letter-getting list, they'll be coming soon. Not on my letter-getting list? Write me a letter at the address on the right.

6. My iron wok has rusted, but I am not convinced that that is such a bad thing. Is there a study out there about cooking off of rusted, but scraped clean, surfaces?

7. I am the only one in my Beijing circle who cares about baseball.

8. When we reach our goal (not clearly defined), my boss gives us beer. We've had beer twice in a month. I wish I knew what we were doing right, so I could repeat the rewarded behavior.

9. Valerie Solanas.

10. My Latin is rusty as shit. I'm going to work my way through Wheelock again, just for funsies. Brandon might apreciate this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your iron wok is rusted because you clean it with soap and water and don't cure it (dry with high heat and oil) then wipe with a cloth to take out any excess.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Psss...the rust won't hurt you.


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