April 20, 2009

Deep Oakland Editions is pleased to announce the release of Adam Cornford's O Town 86-96: Documentary Poetry from the Social Wars.



Blogger Dillon Westbrook said...

This stuff is fucking amazing- how'd you find out he was writing it for all these years?

Blogger Adam said...

Hey Dillon,

Thanks for props. the Actually, I found Deep Oakland and realized it was the ideal placed to have these poems--many published separately over the years--appear together. Deep Oakland is a great idea and I want to help it grow. Our city has a lot of ugliness and pain going on, most of it caused by poverty and racism and despair. But the more we confront it and make good art out of the humanity that is there: in the lost, the brutalized, the victim and the victimizer alike, as well as all the beauty and diversity and humor--the stronger the real foundation of our city.


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