August 13, 2009

1. I've always followed baseball, but taking part in a fantasy league this year I've learned a pitcher's WHIP is Walks plus Hits divided by Innings Pitched. And that this stat actually matters. I can't wait for Moneyball to finally be a movie. Oh, the A's. Revolutionizing baseball and yet a perrenial MLB farm team.

2. If Joni Mitchell says she can drink a case of you and still be on her feet, is that good or bad?

3. Goodbye Jiambi. I'm happier that Piazza ended his career in Oakland.

4. Joy Division.

5. After a week of cab rides, I know that SMERSH is after Bond.

6. In college, I used a Tale of Two Cities as a substitute for valium. I've never been able to read into the second paragraph. I studied French Lit, so it's only half as bad as it sounds.


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