August 17, 2009

1. At the after work watering hole, one of the customers got all baijiu drunk and started acting all unfriendly to the staff. The staff did their best to simmer him down, but when things escalated, they awoke the male owner who was looking like three miles of hard road himself. When the drunk customer touched the female owner, male owner jutted up and landed one of the cleanest hooks to the guy's jaw that I've seen in real life. It was movie perfect and had much the same effect.

2. You would think that would be that, but then drunk guy started asking for compensation for his cell phone, to which the owner basically ran him out of Dodge, and threatened to kick his ass to Korea if he ever saw him again.

3. Listened to my i-pod on the way home. I don't ever do that, as I usually try to get free Chinese lessons out of cab drivers via small talk. Tonight though, I couldn't be asked. However, there was something disconcerting about listening to Black Flag's "Slip It In" while passing Tianamen Square and the Forbidden City.

4. Les Paul played a mean guitar.

5. 6 months straight of teaching 6 ESL classes a day, 5 days a week means I am super looking forward to getting out of town in September and again in October.

6. Pixies, surprisingly good to run to.


Blogger Dillon Westbrook said...

A's spanking the Yankees around the park doesn't even rate a number 7.

Blogger Mr. Horton said...

Oakland's farm team is 53-66 and 20 games behind first. They have broken my heart all season. So no, one good outing doesn't rate much.


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