August 25, 2009

In the *Crack Up* by F. Scott, which at one point Mr. Lusk gave me a first edition, Mr. Fitzgerald writes of the agony of spending a night without sleep because of a single mosquito. For me, this is most summer nights. I get bit, then I turn on the lights and wage war against a single insect. This plays out twice sometimes thrice a night. All the while, I am waiting for the demon mosquito that will give me Hep or worse. Ah, the blood borne diseases we no longer speak about, but are still rampant in China.


In Oakland I never really looked at the stars, but now that I'm in Beijing, I really wish I had. Beijing has that wonderful light pollution that Detroit had when I was growing up that makes the night sky orange and no stars. The planets Mars and Venus sometimes make an appearance, but no constellations.


Bond is in Turkey to pick Tatiana up. He has his doubts.


Next week, I will be in a Dongbei village drinking homemade rice liquor (baijiu). I plan to be on my feet for the entirety of the visit, as I'm visiting a friend's hometown and baijiu is best drunk by the thimblefull if at all. By custum, I am told, they will aim for the opposite.


Peter's been listening to Screaming Trees in the office. From dead office to rock office, hard to argue.



Blogger Ferndale Denizen said...

My aunt brought a little girl from the Detroit area to our family cabin in the woods. The first night she asked, "What are those things in the sky?" In 8 years, she had never seen stars. I wonder if she remembers it now. On a clear night in August the meteorite showers render us speechless, like the insignifcant beings we like to forget we are.


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