January 12, 2010

I spent most of yesterday morning in a futile attempt to get all my visa, foreigner registration documents in order. Because I'm moving house, I have to re-register with the local police to tell them where I am at. This seems okay to me as I'm sure immigrants to the US have to do this with ICE or whatnot. But I go to my new local precint with all the usual documents (new lease, my passport, my valid Chinese visa, and a copy of my landlord's ID card)and the police officer tells me that I need to go with my landlord to another non-local precint to register and she needs to bring all the housing documents (deed to the place, tax registration, etc.). This is the first time this has ever been a non-routine, in-and-out thing. And with the language barrier (my Mandarin is basic and bureaucratic speak is pretty advanced) it seemed a little Kafka-esque.

Until I re-register with the police, I can't apply for the new visa which expires in 3 weeks. And until I give my HR department my passport, I can't sign the new contract which gives me the right to a new visa, etc. . . .

So, this morning, I am drinking a blend of green teas I mixed myself (some milder teas to offset the more bitter) and eating beautifully ripe Chinese pears, trying not to think about it.


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